Kasco Helped Inspire the Movie Big Miracle!

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Major motion picture, Big Miracle, puts the Hootkin (aka Kasco Marine) De-Icer center stage.

The Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore, is inspired by the events that unfolded on a huge ice-sheet near the northernmost town in the United States, Barrow, Alaska. The real-life events starred the Kasco Marine de-icers!

In October 1988, three young gray whales were trapped under the ice near Barrow, and the rescue mission that unfolded captured the world's attention. It also caught the attention of Greg Ferrian and Rick Skluzacek, part of the Kasco Marine family. The two were sure that their Kasco Marine de-icers could help save the whales by keeping their breathing holes ice-free. The head of the rescue mission told Greg to stay home in Minnesota, which he took as a challenge, and dragged two Kasco de-icers and his brother-in-law, Rick (a Kasco Marine engineer), 300 miles above the arctic circle to Barrow and literally saved the day.

Greg and Rick's story is portrayed in Big Miracle and Kasco Marine de-icers become Hootkin de-icers, made by the fictional Hootkin Company. Movie characters Karl Hootkin and Dean Glowacki are inspired by Ferrian and Skluzacek, however, neither speak Minnesotan quite the way they are portrayed in the movie!

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